Post Industrial Labor is a collection of video work by artists living or with roots in the Rust Belt, an area in the United States stretching from New York State to Eastern Wisconsin. This landscape, once defined by the same industry that would eventually leave it, has been in the process of redefining itself for years. Together, the artists in this collection create a portrait of this evolving transition, using the moving image to explore contemporary ways of seeing this place and its people. A variety of modes, including video art, essay, experimental, documentary and narrative cinema come together to illustrate a new labor force, one that places value on voice, expression and dismantling barriers.
In the physical world, Post Industrial Labor exists as a days-long projected loop in the first-floor common area of Tinnerman Lofts, an arts-rich project in Cleveland, Ohio's West Side that permanently houses 50+ regional artists. The building was the headquarters for a company that once produced America's first steel ovens.
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